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Heliaq Advanced Engineering

Welcome to our website. Heliaq is a technology company that is active the in the fields of aerospace, energy and control systems:

  • The Heliaq Global Ground Station Network (GGSN):
    • A low-cost ground network with near-global coverage
  • Mobile ground tracking stations:
    • Rugged, professional, low-cost ground stations for CubeSats, UAV's, test flights and High-Altitude Platforms / High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites
  • Sounding rockets:
    • ALV-3 family of modular sounding rockets that allow an extremely wide range of missions and trajectories to be executed
  • Industrial & IoT Control Systems:
    • As part of the GGSN project, Heliaq has developed a suite of high-performance electronics and software suitable for controlling a wide range of industrial systems. This suite includes:
    • An HMI / SCADA system based on Python, MQTT and Kivy, which massively reduces the effort required to build beautiful, highly functional operator interfaces
    • Industrial Internet of Things Controllers (IoT) and Gateways which are open-source down to the silicon level, ensuring the highest possible protection against malware and ransomware attacks.
  • Energy Systems
    • Low-cost but extremely rugged electric drive systems for small vehicles and other low-voltage DC applications
    • Supporting electronics

Heliaq has facilities in the UK, Australia and South Africa, and has partnerships with major global players in the aerospace industry.

Please see the News section for the latest updates on our projects.

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