Heliaq is a SME that specialises in ground segments for aerospace vehicles. Our main product is the satellite Global Ground Station Network (GGSN), and are also developing our Low-Cost Telemetry, Tracking and Termination (LCT3) range control system for small satellite launch vehicles.

Heliaq not only owns and operates our ground systems, we also design and manufacture our own equipment. In fact, we manufacture almost our entire ground stations ourselves including:

  • Pedestal and positioner structures
  • Positioner mechanisms
  • Electrical installations
  • Power and control PCB's
  • Many RF components, including the dish feed feeds

We also wrote all of the ground station and network communication backbone software. This provides Heliaq with complete control over the operation and security of our systems.

Heliaq's in-house capabilities include:

  • Programme and project management
  • Systems Engineering, architecting & modelling
  • Design, analysis and simulation of complex systems
  • Aerospace vehicle design (particularly reusable launch vehicles)
  • Mechanical design (2D & 3D CAD, FEA)
  • Electrical & electronic (PCB) design
  • Software development
  • CNC Machining
  • Assembly, Integration and Test

Heliaq is 100% family-owned and has presences is the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. Between them Heliaq's three directors have 7 tertiary technical degrees and diplomas, as well as more than 80 years of combined engineering experience.