Heliaq Wins Funding for Global Ground Network

Heliaq UK Ltd is excited to announce that we have won significant funding from Innovate UK to further develop our Global Ground Station Network!

Heliaq and its partners won the grant in the Innovate UK Emerging and Enabling Round 3 competition. The project will demonstrate the capabilities of the initial Global Ground Station Network (GGSN), and will develop all of the key systems required including:

  • At least 6 ground stations capable of operating in current satellite bands
  • Server software to support the registration of satellites and book of passes
  • Server software to allow the

Funding has been awarded to both Heliaq UK Ltd, as the proejct lead, and our strategic partners Deimos Space UK. The project will run for approximately 2 years, and we foresee initial operation of the GGSN commencing in 2020.