Introducting the Heliaq Global Groud Station Network

Heliaq is today making public its Global Ground Station Network (GGSN), following 2 years of initial development.

The GGSN has been designed to radically reduce the cost of ground station access for small satellites, while at the same time providing near-global coverage. When comparing the GGSN to existing ground segments, the advantages of the GGSN are similar to the advantages of broadband Internet over dial-up connections:

  • Hugely increased data volume (at least a factor of 5x, up to 50x)
  • Significantly reduced latency (from days and hours currently to only minutes)
  • Large portion of time where real-time communication is possible
  • Significantly reduced data costs (5-15x cheaper) than current ground segments

It is expected that the GGSN will enable an entirely new generation of satellite applications, just like broadband Internet enabled applications that were inconceivable using a dial-up connections (think for example of video streaming).

Given these transformational capabilities, Heliaq has received strong interest from the market. At least 7 satellite companies have already provided Expressions of Interest.

A prototype ground station has already been constructed, which incorporated some of the key innovations for the GGSN. These include:

  • Ultra-low-cost, heavy-duty, zero-maintenance mechanical design
  • Wideband, flexible RF systems

More information will follow in due course. In the meantime, interested potential clients can be provided with further information under NDA. Please send an email to:


Where the name of the company is just "heliaq" (apologies for trying to make it hard on the bots).