Heliaq Completes UK Launch Range Reference Designs

Heliaq and its partners succesfully completed the reference designs and commercial evaluations for the range control systems for two UK Spaceports, on behalf of the UK Space Agency.

For Spaceport Cornwall, the UK Space Agency awarded Heliaq UK Ltd a grant to study the commercial viability of commercial range control solutions. This study included the technical reference design, an initial concept of operations and the development of a business plan. Heliaq UK led this project, with the following partner organisations:

  • Spaceport Cornwall
  • UK Launch Services Ltd
  • Deimos Space UK Ltd
  • Reutech Radar Systems
  • Alden Advisers

We also engaged the services of a international military flight test range as advisers.

For Sutherland Spaceport, Heliaq was one of the partner for the project led Deimos Space UK. The other project partners included:

  • Orbital Express Launch Ltd
  • UK Launch Services Ltd
  • Qinetiq Ltd
  • Helios Ltd

For the Sutherland range Heliaq's scope of design and costing consisted of all range control equipment, including the following sub-systems:

  • Telemetry Ground Stations
  • Tracking Radars
  • Flight Termination Systems
  • Range surveillance systems
  • Range communication networks

For these projects Heliaq drew on its extensive ground station experience gained through the development of our Global Ground Station Network (GGSN), as well as the many years of launch vehicle design experience with the ALV-2 launch vehicle project.

Based on the results of these studies, Heliaq has decided to commercialise our proprietary Low-Cost Telemetry, Tracking & Termination (LCT3) system. This was originally developed exclusively for our ALV-2 launcher, since it is a significant cost differentiator with regards to low-cost launcher operations. However, since the ALV-2 project has now been mothballed, we will be offering the LCT3 as a commercial service in future.

The official UK Space Agency announcement on the range control studies is found at this link: