GGSN Update February 2020

The initial GGSN network is nearing completion, after nearly two years of development work. The current status of the GGSN project is as follows:

Overall: The GGSN will commence testing with clients' satellites and Mission Control Systems in March 2020. The following documents are available now for review by clients:

  • Ground Station to Satellite Interace Control Document (ICD)
  • GGSN to Client Mission Control System ICD

Ground Stations: Although originally only 6 ground stations were planned for this phase, Heliaq is now on track to deliver 10 ground stations as part of the Innovate UK funded project. Of these, 8 ground stations have been manufactured, while the last two are also nearing completion. Two types of ground stations have been manufactured, the low-cost AP24 UHF- & S-Band ground station and the more sophisticated AP30 S- and X-Band ground stations.

Heliaq recently received several requests from prospective clients for customizations to the RF front-ends. These requests required changes to both the RF hardware and software, and are now being incorporated. The remainder of the software for the AP24 ground stations is complete and ready for testing, while some software extensions are still required for the precision AP30 stations.

Client Interface: The interface between the GGSN and the clients' Mission Control Systems (MCS) will be available for testing at the end of February 2020. We have now implemented a very flexible and easy to use data exchange interface, based on the use of a shared messaging broker.

Server Software: The web-based GUI as well as the pass booking and station communication sub-systems have all been tested. Final integration is being performed, and full system testing will start in March 2020. 

We are excited to be nearing operation of the GGSN, and invite further prospective clients to engage with us regarding participation in the testing of the GGSN.

The image below shows the AP24 low-cost, self-contained ground stations in storage ready for deployment (October 2019):

SAM 1467 cropped web