Industrial IoT Control Systems

Heliaq has more than 20 years experience in developing industrial control systems in a wide range of industries. For the Global Ground Station Network (GGSN) we couldn't find an existing control system that could do everything required, so we developed our own!

The Heliaq HMI / SCADA is a universal operator interface that is suitable for controlling any remote controlled system, including ground stations and networks, industrial and agricultural processing plants, power generation systems, machines, robots, UAVs, drones and anything else.

Key features include:

  • Based on Python and the beautiful Kivy graphical framework, allowing it to run on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS & Android.
  • Uses MQTT and SparkPlug B to allow remote devices and gateways to automatically update all parameters settings, like engineering units and alarms. Never worry about mismatched settings in the remote device and SCADA ever again!
  • Wide range of display elements, including analogue and digital meters, graphs, status indicators, parameter tables, maps and even a Primary Flight Display for UAVs and drones
  • Supports fast, real-time control of remote systems. We have some display elements that run at 30 Hz refresh rate
  • Built-in alarm management, tag browser and historian
  • Easily create display pages with the KV language
  • Integration with Google Earth to allow for real-time 3D display of remote device location and status
  • The power of Python to integrate machine vision, machine learning, GIS and mapping capability, or anything else Python can be used for
  • The power of a full game 2D engine (Kivy) to create any display element imaginable

The Heliaq HMI / SCADA is currently in the final phases of internal testing on the GGSN. Once we consider the system to be stable, we will offer it commercially to other companies and consider open-sourcing parts of it. Please contact us for information in the mean time.